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The Perfect Gift Basket for Mom

Last month during an Earth Day event we raffled out a planting kit gift basket. We had the basket on display at our Deep Drip booth and there were so many people that loved it! I thought this would make a perfect Mother’s day gift for my Mother, who enjoys gardening, and I wanted to share the idea with you guys too! Give your Mom the gift of growing with a custom gardening starter kit! In this blog I am going to share items similar to the ones I chose for my Mom’s gift basket, so that you can create a gift basket of your own! I was able to find all of these items on the Lowe’s Website, therefore you know you can find all the items you need in one location!

  1. Deep Drip Watering Stakes:

  1. Potting Soil:

potting mix

  1. Flower bulbs:


  1. Water-Soluble Fertilizer:

scotts water soluble fertilizer

  1. Gardening tool set:

gardening tools

6.Gardening Gloves:

Gardening Gloves

  1. Large flower Pot:

Flower Pot

  1. Finished Product

Deep Drip Gift Basket

  1. Deep Drip Watering Stakes- Our Deep Drip Watering Stakes are the most important items in the gift basket, because not only will they ensure your plants grow healthy and beautiful, but they will conserve up to 50% of your water use! Use the 14” stakes for large potted plants and shrubs!
  1. Potting Soil- Potting Soil is a necessary ingredient when it comes to planting, there are many different brands and types to choose from, so choose whatever works for you or the plant you are planning to grow.
  1. Flower bulbs- For my Mother’s gift basket I chose Peony bulbs. This is because Peonies are my personal favorite flowers, but there are a ton of flowers to choose from and you can also plant fruits or vegetables if you’d like. Strawberries for example, make a beautiful plant.
  1. Water-soluble fertilizer- It is important you choose a water-soluble fertilizer in order for it to be compatible with the Deep Drip Stakes. This will allow you to place the fertilizer directly into the stake so that it travels down to the roots of your plant.
  1. Gardening tool set- This tool set is essential in making your Mother’s gardening experience easier and more enjoyable.
  1. Gardening gloves- Gardening gloves are a nice touch because not only will they protect your Mother’s hands during gardening, but they allow you to choose them depending on your Mom’s personality.
  1. Large flower Pot- Make sure you choose a pot that is large enough to accommodate your growing plant. Flower pots usually come in a variety of materials and colors, which is a great way to customize your gift to your Mom’s taste.
  1. Finished Product- Make sure you include a personal note in your gift in order to make it extra special for your Mom! A decorative bow will also make the gift basket look extra sharp!

To  check out the Lowes’ Garden Center, follow this link

For more information about Deep Drip Watering Stakes check out our How it Works Page


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