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We have a new build home in Las Vegas and had our backyard landscaped in April with numerous 15-gallon and 24” box trees, and a few 36” boxes. While the irrigation emitters were placed well, and had ample output my trees were not thriving as much as they should. Compacted Las Vegas soil is not permeable and is very lacking in nutrients. Enter Deep Drip. In early June I tested 2 24” deep drips on a 36” box, and 2 14” on the 24 box. I put in a balanced (7-7-7) fertilizer in the Deep Drips and around the surface emitters with pH sulfur and some iron. I also did this with the plants without Deep Drip. I watered every other day for 1.5 hours. By mid July my Deep Drip plants were thriving like they were in a rain forest! My other plants were not doing even close to as well. I have since placed various size and number of Deep Drips on ALL of my plants. Once my trees start to become larger I am going to swap out the current ones for deeper ones. I get many comments from my neighbors on how well my yard is doing compared to theirs. Thank you Deep Drip!

Chris M of Las Vegas

Wow! I can not believe how amazing this product is! As I am always skeptical, I bought one just to test it out. Installation was easy, and I could not believe how easy it was to use. I am no longer wasting water that just runs off and feel my tree is getting a much better watering. Now I am ordering more for each of my trees!

R. Hamilton of Las Vegas, NV

It's a great idea and easy to use.

Sharon Baldwin of Mississippi

These things are really high quality. I believe they will last years of abuse.

Douglas Rich of Texas

I really like them for the ease of use. They get the water down to where it is really needed without any mess.

Constance Bruce of N.C.

I would recommend the deep drip tree watering stakes because they are durable and easy to use.

Karen Rische-Thelen

recommend the deep drip watering stakes. We had recently transplanted a very well established lace-leaf Japanese maple to our property (which we had heard was an impossible task) and our main concern was keeping enough water to the root system. The watering stakes were relatively easy to install around the perimeter of the tree. With the water going deep into the ground, we don't have the trouble with the water just running away from the tree. This tree was transplanted in early spring and is still living.

Debbie Cavanaugh of Tennessee

I have 3 peach trees in a row and I set 1 stake on each end and one between each tree. The ground is very hard clay but the waterring stakes went right down witha standard 1 # hammer. I connected the drip lines to each watering stake and ran water into an old cooler with water soulable fertilizer in it then through the drip lines to the trees. The trees receiving this treatment look much beter than the ones a little farther down the line. They didn't drop their leaves nearly as quickly and just looked healthier. The other trees had the fertilizer broadcast under them also.

Fran Tracy of S.C.

The easy installation and you see the result rather quickly. I only wish I could afford to do all of my trees, but with over a hundred trees on my property, I dont see that happening anytime soon. So I will move them around from the worst to the best and start over and see what I get. Thank you

Eric Thomason of California

If you have irrigation tubing these stakes are perfect for watering less than accessible trees and shrubs.

Beve Chapman of Florida

This is a great product! I know that my trees are watered at the root. I had already lost one fruit tree due to improper watering. I was worried about loosing more but now they get the water they need, where they need it.

Elaine Fleeman of Georgia

I had a problem tree that I was concerned was dying. The tree is now looking like it will make it and I credit the deep watering stakes for that.

Margrethe Hotter of New Mexico

Very handy to help keep trees and plants healthy especial during dry weather or lack of irrigation.

Gale Nahkala of Florida

Excellent system watering trees to the roots. It allows more oxygen to be released into the soil as well.

Paul Waldrep of Tennessee

The drip watering stakes are working great! I love the ease of putting them in the ground. You can hit them with a hammer and they don't break. They water the trees evenly, with no waste in water. Plan on buying more for the rest of my trees. You can feed your trees right at the roots through this system. No waste in fertilizer.

Patricia Petru of Texas

This product only took a few minutes to install. I used 2 per tree. My golden raintree has already started to come out of dormancy even though Winter is around the corner her in Central Florida.

Janice Carr of Mississippi

One of our Bradford Pear Trees was not looking as good as our other 4 and once we started using the water spikes the tree started having more blooms and looking as healthy as our other 4.

Susan Clark of Alabama

It is best to install stakes right after a rain if you have compacted soil. It takes about a month to begin to see results, but you can see that the product is benefiting the tree.

Clarissa Allaire of S.C.

It gets the water right to the roots, so the trees aren't going thirsty. The leaves are greener for it!

Jeff Rains of Colorado

They're really strong to withstand the hammering we had to do to get them into our adobe clay soil. They really help to get water to the roots, whereas with a sprinkler, the water just doesn't get down into the root zone.

Becky Jackson of California

It is an ideal way to get the water to the roots of the trees. The only obstacle I ran into is that our soil has many large rocks, so digging a hole to put the stake in works better than pounding it in.

Sue Higgins of Arkansas

This product was a life saver as well as a cost saving tool. I was afraid I was going to lose another tree to inadequate watering but once I used the deep watering system, I noticed a significant improvement in leaf growth and overall tree health.

Margie Ortiz of California

After thoroughly testing the tree spikes, I saw a marked improvement in my trees. Living in the desert water is an expensive luxury, I found my water bill dropped dramatically thanks to the deep water system

Deborah Gale of Arizona

I recommend this product since it is an excellent way to water trees by their roots. Installation was easy and use is easy.

Ulrike West of New Mexico

With a drip or lawn irrigation system this product is must. Simple hook-up and your trees irrigate while your lawn irrigates, perfect combination. Also with a roll of drip tubing the same can be done with your regular outdoor faucet

John Cleveland of Mississippi

Helps save on irrigation, it seeps into the ground well and improves the trees growth.

Nancy Helsle of Louisiana

I planted several new trees this past summer. We have been under a long drought. I put the tree stakes around two of the trees that I have and left three others alone. The two trees that I have used the spikes around are doing better than the others.

Allan West of N.C.

Dear Deep Drip, About two years ago, I installed 10 drip stakes around my yard in the San Francisco region. My theory was that the deep watering would make the plants less fussy about watering schedule. The plants with drip stakes have done well. I have purchased 6 more stakes for other plants. The stakes cost around $10 each, but you save that when the plant thrives and you don’t have to replace it.

Jeff Justice of San Francisco, CA

My trees have been looking horrible for a couple months now, especially with this drought this summer. I bought several of your stakes and even though the drought continues, my trees are now looking healthy and green again. My neighbors are starting to ask questions! Thanks, Deep Drip!

Jennifer of Oklahoma

Thank you for such a great product. I have noticed a marked improvement in the growth of my trees!

J Smith of Phoenix, AZ

“It’s a great idea, and easy to use.”

Bethany Morris of Colorado