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10 ways to get your garden ready for 2017

Ten Ways to Prepare your Garden For the New Year!

Make Your Green Thumb shine this year with these helpful hints! We know that all of you are looking to get your gardens superb for the new year. Here’s a top ten list of basic ways to change your garden from boring to bountiful!

1.A sweet tip to get your seeds rooted!


Sprinkle ground cinnamon powder on the soil to prevent fungus and moldy soil! Oftentimes as a seedling develops, a nasty fungus may grow alongside it, prevent this with the same seasoning that gives Fireball whiskey its signature taste!

2. Got Milk?

Pouring milk in the glass on the background of nature. 

Another secret to combating the viruses and fungi that plague gardens everywhere, is powdered milk! Just a tablespoon of the stuff around the soil of sickness prone plants like roses or tomatoes early in the season will bring down the chance of infections!

3. Feeling a Lil’ Sluggish?

glass of beer with barley and hop cones 

Found some slugs in your garden beds? These little guys are a lot like most of us, they’ll drown themselves in beer if given the chance! Simply fill a small container like an empty butter tub or tupperware up with beer and partially bury it in the slug-infested soil and they will be  donezo by morning!

4. We All Need Some Water

Vegetable Starts in Terracotta Pots 

Planning to do some of your gardening in pots? If you plan on using a terracotta pot, soak the guy in water and allow it to absorb as much as possible to avoid having it soak water and nutrients from the plants inside.

Apple cider vinegar in jar, glass and fresh apple, healthy drink.

5. Rust Easy Tonight…

Maybe you haven’t taken the best care of your gardening tools, its ok, we all make mistakes! Eliminate any rust buildup on your tools with an overnight soak in some apple cider vinegar. The next morning you just need to dry them off and get ready for some rust-free gardening.

6.Ready for Pruning?

Pruning of trees with secateurs in the garden

Cut your plants at an angle to spare them from diseases.  

7.Keep it Clean

Handmade Soap closeup

Ready to get dirt under your nails, but not so much literally? Scrape your fingernails over a bar of soap to keep dirt from making its way under your nail beds, even if you happen to be wearing gloves. Soon, you’ll see how clean gardening can be.

8. Perfect Planning makes Perfect

Landscape architect design backyard plan for villa

When planning out your garden, try to remember the ancient agricultural secret of plant rotation! When you move the position of plants in your gardening bed, you allow for a much richer soil quality. Also, be sure to plan how you will create your deep water irrigation system using your DEEP DRIP Watering Stakes, whether with a drip irrigation system or hand water with a hose.

9. But First, Coffee

Hand drip coffee, Barista pouring water on coffee ground with filter 

Back to the flower pots mentioned in tip four, if you plan on using of these guys make sure to place a coffee filter on the bottom of the pot to act as a liner and prevent soil and nutrients from spilling out all over your patio!

10. All Cracked Up

weed growing through crack in pavement 

Ever heard the old adage, “Step on a crack and break your mother’s back”? What about, pouring boiling water on a crack to eliminate pesky weeds? Your mother will be fine and neighboring plants will thank you.


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