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Stake Placement

Deep Drip 8-in Placement

8″ Stakes

For flowers, fruits, vegetables, & other small garden plants: install one 8″ stake on either side of the plant




DEEP DRIP ® 14 Inch Stake Placement

14″ DEEPDRIP® Watering Stakes

For shallow root plants like shrubs, vines, potted plants, & small/ornamental trees: install 2-3 of our 14” stakes around the plant in a triangle or on either side, close to the plant’s base but avoiding the root ball.

DEEP DRIP® 24 In. Placement Pattern

24″ DEEPDRIP® Watering Stakes

For medium trees, including existing or newly planted trees, fruit trees, and saplings: install 2- 3 of our 24″ stakes outside the tree root ball (new trees) or tree canopy (existing trees), either using 2 stakes on either side of the trunk or 3 in a triangle.

The tree canopy is the area bordered by the farthest reaching branches & leaves.


36″ DEEPDRIP® Watering Stakes

For large, established trees or palms: install our 36″ stakes 4-5 ft. apart within the tree’s canopy, avoiding the root ball. The larger the tree, the more stakes you will need.