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Mother and Daughter gardening

Spend this Summer Vacation in the Garden

spend this summer vacation in the garden

Parents are always looking for something to do to fill the time during summer vacation, why not bring your kiddos into the garden this year?

The sooner someone gets into the habit of getting busy in the garden, the better! Plus, we all know gardening is easier with some help from another person. Getting your kids in on the fun of working in the garden will create memories that will last a lifetime and hands on experience that will give them greater appreciation for the world around them. Besides, what better biology lab is there than your own backyard?

One great way to get growing is from the seed, it is also a great way to explain the plant life cycle to your kids. Some “easy” seeds to start with include sunflower, lettuce, cress, runner beans, and sweet peas. Using seed tape for a plant like lettuce makes it even easier, that way you don’t have to think about spacing. Cress grows quickly and is a great way for your little ones to see their hard work pay off!

Kids should be allowed to help as much as possible! The more hands on they can get, the better! Even allowing the child to have “their own plant” that they are in charge of can be a great inspiration for them to come back to the garden and pay special care to their seedlings. Do your best to explain what is happening in terms of the plant life cycle to your child. If you need help, there are plenty of resources for teachers online that you can take advantage of.  If you are working with a little one who like to put everything in their mouth, be sure to check if any of your garden plants are toxic to ingest and certainly avoid cacti! Regularly prune your plants and clean up any fallen leaves or fruits to avoid choking.  Also think about what fertilizer you are using and if it is safe for the little ones to be near.

Besides staying safe, the garden can be a great place for the children in your life to learn and for a lack of better words, grow!


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