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Best neighbors for your trees

So You’ve Planted Your Roots, Now What?

Once you’ve gotten a big beautiful tree rooted in your backyard with our Deep Drip Watering Stakes you may wonder, “What’s Next?” It can be hard to think of plants to complement your newly invigorated tree but more importantly, it can be difficult to find plants that will do well under the shade of your big branched buddy.

That’s why we are here to help!

First of all, by putting in your Deep Drip Watering Stake, you’re already gearing your tree to be a good neighbor! Our stakes water deeper than other watering systems, driving the affected plants’ roots deeper underground and giving their neighbors more room to grow. This will also prevent roots from being too high up and preventing you from mowing the grass that does grow beneath it. When it comes down to it though, we recommend not having plants like grass that require mowing too close to the growing tree, it can easily damage the trunk. If you are planning to plant a new tree, it is best to plant the Deep Drip Watering Stake and any plants around it at about the same time. This will prevent the new tree from rooting too close to the surface and preventing other new plant growth. Again, the Deep Drip Watering Stakes will train these developing roots to dive deeper underground, making them stronger and much better neighbors!

You’ll need to start small when choosing neighbors for your tree, especially if it is already established or full grown. Only disturb the soil directly in the areas where you plan to plant, you don’t want to accidentally disturb any shallow or developing roots. In fact, some trees are less willing to share space than others, so you will want to do your research about your tree’s tolerance to others. For instance, Pecan, Willows, and Crab Apple trees are pretty easy going about having neighbors. While Cherries, Black Oak, and Pines may not take too kindly to any sort of disturbance.

Be sure to water well and use your Green King Deep Drip Watering Stakes to their full use, this will ensure state of the art watering for all of your plants! Mulch and other fertilizing agents are also key to letting your newly placed plants thrive!

Here’s a top ten list of plants that would love to be your tree’s neighbor!

  1. Oregon Grape Holly
  2. Azaelas
  3. Alpine Currant
  4. Hydgraneas
  5. Wild Columbine
  6. Vinca
  7. Wild Ginger
  8. Pansies
  9. Violets
  10. Hosta


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