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DEEP DRIP® 24″ Watering Stake


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The 24 in. DEEP DRIP® Watering Stakes from Green King are designed to efficiently and effectively water your medium trees, including fruit trees and newly planted trees or saplings, directly at the roots. They help conserve up to 50% of your outdoor water use by avoiding water loss due to evaporation and run-off. The DEEP DRIP® Watering Stakes also allow you to aerate and fertilize the roots and soil of your trees and saplings.

• The 24 in. DEEP DRIP® Watering Stake is great for medium trees, including fruit trees and newly planted trees or saplings
• Constructed of a durable and recyclable ABS plastic, this green product is made to last 15+ years
• Specially engineered cap is UV-protected and designed for hammering into the ground with a 3-5 lb. sledge hammer; 100% guaranteed not to break or crack while driving into the ground
• Delivers fertilizer and aerates roots and soil
• Integrated plastic filter keeps dirt and rocks out
• Use with automatic drip system or with a tree berm and hose
• DEEP DRIP® Watering Stake’s custom slotted cap locks in your drip line
• Good for new, established, and struggling trees
• Deep watering promotes deeper roots and helps with weed control
• Stake can be easily removed or repositioned
• 3 stakes recommended for most effective watering. For new trees, install outside root ball in triangle. For existing trees, install just inside the dripline/canopy.

Additional information

Weight .48 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 1.25 × 1.25 in

3 reviews for DEEP DRIP® 24″ Watering Stake

  1. JamesC

    Review from Lowe’s
    5 Stars

    I was driving the Deep Drip watering stake into the ground with my 3 lb. sledge hammer at the drip line of an existing dogwood tree when I hit a large root from a nearby pine tree. The stake was driven into the ground almost to the top water drip hole. I used a screwdriver in the top hole to twist and remove the stake from the ground. This worked well. I moved over and drove the stake into the ground leaving the top two holes that are used to remove the stake from the ground, above the ground. This also worked well. I placed the drip line into the slot and replaced the the cap back on the stake to hold the drip line in place.The Deep Drip stake seems to be working fine and I believe it will over the long term. The installation instructions provided online at Lowe`s web site are very accurate information and is a very helpful tool. The quality of the Deep Drip stake is excellent. When deciding how to water one`s plants the Deep Drip stake is an option that should be considered.

  2. Cc54

    Review from Home Depot
    5 Stars

    It works great. Gets water down to where the tree roots are. Another benefit is less weed growth. No water on top of soil where the weed seed is.

  3. JohnH

    Review From Home Depot
    5 Stars

    I have used these for several years. They work very well and seem to hold up forever. When installing in hard dry ground, dig a shallow hole to start and then over several hours, periodically water through the watering stake then hammer in a few inches. Wait an hour, then repeat the watering, hammering and waiting, again and again, until it is in the ground as far as desired.

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