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Roses are Red…

It’s that time of year again! That’s right, the holiday season has winded down and Valentine’s day is peeking from just around the corner! Are you ready to give your sweetheart a fresh cut bouquet of roses? Maybe just yourself? After all, Rupaul tells us, “If you can’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love anyone else?” Anyways, here are some helpful tips to cultivate some beautiful blooming roses in your home garden!

  1. Keep soil around the roses moist before and after planting! Also be sure to prepare and keep the soil rich with fertilizer.
  2. Roses need to be positioned to receive at least 6 hours or half a day’s worth of sunshine.
  3. Once your roses are established, they will need only a weekly soak, except in the summer months which requires greater watering.
    1. Our deep drip watering stakes are perfect to give your roses the perfect amount of water and nutrients!
  4. Roses prefer a well-drained, fertile, and loamy soil at least 2 feet deep, the perfect job for our 24 inch deep drip watering stakes!
  5. Prune about 60% of roses’ height and remove any dead branches or leaves.
  6. Use an epsom salt solution to quickly boost magnesium levels in leaves and increase vibrancy and richness in their leaves and blooms.

So, this Valentine’s day, try and give yourself the sweet gift of a beautiful blooms. We cannot wait to see your amazing flowers! Comment with your pictures below or on our Facebook page.

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