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pumpkin pie slice

Pumpkin Pie when Higher Stakes are Involved

It might be only November first but we here at Green King are already thinking about Thanksgiving. Considering the amount of work most of us have to put in on this annual feast, planning ahead isn’t the worst idea we could have.

While we would love to recommend you plant your pumpkin right now with our stake, most pumpkins take 85 to 105 days to grow. But at least if you get started now, in a few months your single vine will have about 12-15 beautiful pumpkins ready to carve and cook up!

If you’ve planned ahead for the fall and already have your pumpkins planted, use a deep drip stake already! Our wetting pattern is perfect to develop stronger roots for more quality produce!

Here’s one of our favorite pumpkin pie recipes, something that’s sure to get everyone at your table to say “Yum!”


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