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DEEP DRIP® Product Information

DEEP DRIP® Watering Stakes: Start, Save & Sustain

How It Works

  • Plant roots will reach and grow towards where they find water. DEEP DRIP ® Watering Stakes release water deep into the ground, encouraging plant roots to grow deep into the soil, instead of coming up to the surface looking for a surface/shallow water source. Deep root watering leads to healthier, stronger, and of course, deeper roots. Deep seated roots also help to prevent tree uprooting during strong winds, hill erosion, and damage to structures, foundations, and sidewalks that could otherwise be caused by uprooting.
  •  Our patented DEEP DRIP ® Watering Stakes not only release water deep into the ground, they also deliver oxygen, and fertilizer directly to tree and plant roots quickly and effectively.  Water-soluble fertilizer enters through the top of the stake, water will then pass through the stake, carrying the fertilizer through the soil, directly to the roots for faster absorption. The stake’s perforated shaft allows for optimal saturation of nutrients, assisting with the control of water flow rate. The stake’s shaft is lined with grated holes which keep rocks, dirt, and other obstructions out, ensuring proper irrigation.  
  • DEEP DRIP® Watering Stakes hydrate at your plants’ roots and not at the surface where water is often lost to evaporation or run-off. By keeping 100% of your water directed to your tree, shrub, or plant where it belongs; no water is wasted. The stakes’ direct watering also cuts down on watering time, conserving up to 50% of outdoor water use.

DEEP DRIP® was designed to help you maintain healthy, beautiful trees and plants by watering them directly at the roots, while conserving up to 50% of your outdoor water usage and protecting the environment.

The stake’s shaft has multiple holes for aeration. To prevent dirt and debris from clogging the stake through these holes, we have a unique internal filter. 

Constructed of sturdy and eco-friendly ABS plastic, DEEP DRIP® Stakes were made to last 15+ years. 

The specially designed UV Protected cap is reinforced through a unique ribbed construction which acts as a protective  cover when hammering the stake in the ground. It can also easily hold a 1/4 inch drip line in place with our specially designed slotted cap.


Wondering what size to use? DEEP DRIP® Stakes are available in four convenient sizes!

8″: for flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other small garden plants

Wetting Pattern: Waters 20” down and 12” across

14″: for shallow root plants like shrubs, vines, potted plants, & small/ornamental trees

Wetting Pattern: Waters 24” down and 14” across

24″: for medium trees including existing or newly planted trees, fruit trees, and saplings

Wetting Pattern: Waters 36” down and 18” across

36″: for large, established trees and palms

Wetting Pattern: Waters 50” down and 23” across

DEEP DRIP Watering Stakes Sizes

Keep in mind, our stakes saturate about 12” past their physical length (see our wetting patterns for exact details). So, be careful not to overwhelm a smaller plant with too much water from one of our larger stakes.

Deep Drip® Watering Stakes