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Deep Drip® Product Information

Water at the roots with Deep Drip® for a lush landscape, healthy plants, and fruitful crops.

Deep Drip® was designed to help you maintain healthy, beautiful trees and plants by watering them directly at the roots, while conserving up to 50% of your outdoor water usage and protecting the environment.

Within the multiple holes in the shaft, there is an internal mesh filter, to allow water to flow down to the plant’s roots and keep dirt and debris from getting in and clogging the stake.

Constructed of sturdy, but eco-friendly ABS plastic, Deep Drip Stakes were made to last 15+ years.

The specially designed UV Protected cap is reinforced through a unique ribbed construction which acts as a protective  cover when hammering the stake in the ground. It can also easily hold a 1/4 inch drip line in place with our specially designed slotted cap.


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Wondering what size to use? Deep Drip is available in four convenient sizes!

8″ – For flowers, fruits, vegetables, and small plants.

14″ – Perfect for plants with shallow roots including: potted plants, shrubs, vines and small

24″ – Works well on all medium to large tree varieties including fruit trees and palms, especially saplings.

36″ – For large established trees and palms.