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Plantable Wrapping Paper

Did you know that the Holiday Season is the time in which we waste the most paper? It’s true, and the reason for this is all of the wrapping paper we use and then throw away after opening up our holiday gifts. In fact, enough paper was wasted in the UK last Holiday Season, to wrap around our world 9 times! It is a shame that the surprises we wrap up with so much joy, are conceived at the expense of the environment. For this reason, Eden’s Paper has come up with a revolutionary idea to produce plantable present paper. This paper was created in order to reduce waste during the holidays, and help conserve the environment.

The way Eden’s Paper came about, was by experimenting with seed paper and wrapping paper and coming up with the perfect way to combine the two. Each sheet of the almighty plantable wrapping paper has over 700 seeds embedded in it, nestled in rows between tissue paper. The company’s supplier produces seed paper for fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs, but the fruit and vegetables wrapping paper have become the most popular. There are 5 fruit and veggie varieties including carrots, tomatoes, onions, broccoli, and chili peppers. Currently, each paper has the image of what it helps you grow printed on it, which is great when it comes to figuring out which one you want to order, but I think this company would be lot more successful if they had themed wrapping papers including: the winter holidays, birthdays and weddings. I feel like even though we all want to buy in on the idea of an eco-friendly alternative to wrapping gifts, we still want our presents to look fabulous! What do you guys think?

Eden’s Paper is 100% plantable, the way it works is by actually taking a piece of the paper and burying it into a pot or the ground and watering it just like you would with regular seeds. It is awesome to think that by using this wrapping paper instead of the traditional wrapping paper, not only are you helping out the environment, but it is like giving your loved ones a second gift, by allowing them to grow their own veggie garden! If you are wrapping your gifts in Eden’s Paper or receiving gifts wrapped in this amazing paper, make sure to use Deep Drip Watering Stakes when you plant it, so that you can make sure you grow luscious fruits and vegetables. Deep Drip allows you to water and fertilize your plants directly at the roots to ensure a healthy growth, while conserving up to 50% more water. Happy Planting!

For more information about Eden’s Paper visit here


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