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Our Stakes are the Key to a Shaded Yard

Our Stakes are the Key to a Shaded Yard
Trees don’t grow overnight, as all people who are trying to redo their yard know. But, with our Deep Drip Watering Stakes your trees are proven to grow faster, healthier, and stronger.The shade provided by these trees do more than give you a cool spot in the yard. You can save money on your electric bill, protect yourself from harmful UV Rays, and even nourish shade loving plants.

Nourish New Plants!
With the shade provided by your quick growing DeepDrip tree, some gorgeous plants like the bluebells pictured above will thrive! Other plants that are made for the shade? Primroses, Astilbes, Foxglove, Mountain Laurels, Lady’s Mantle, Chard, and Spinach!

Save Big Bucks!
Big trees near the windows of your home can provide shade and keep the temperature low, all without A/C! Give your A/C unit less work to do and let a big tree shade your windows, a big source of hikes in electrical bills.

Happy to help!
If you find yourself wondering more about just how to Make it in the Shade with us, visit our product info tab!

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