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National Farmer’s Day 2016

National Farmer’s Day

It’s October 12th, and you know what that means… It’s National Farmer’s day!

This holiday has been observed every year on October 12th since the 19th century. This day is a time honored tradition, a time to pay tribute to the endless hard work of our nation’s farmers from the past and present. Make sure to check for local events in your area celebrating National Farmer’s Day.These events tend to take place near the end end of harvest so our favorite farmers can join in on the festivities.

If there’s one thing we know here at Green King, it’s saving money by saving water. Our nation’s farmers use some of the largest amounts of water out of any group. In fact, agriculture is the largest consumer of fresh water globally, consuming up to 70% of the available freshwater. Watering trees and plants inevitably wastes about 1,500 trillion liters of the 2,500 liters used each year, often brought about by shoddy watering systems. Here’s where we come in: Deep Drip Agricultural Stakes can help save up to 50% of outdoor/irrigation water use. Our AG stake was created with farmers in mind, which is pretty important since they will be the ones using these stakes.

Our AG stakes are affordable and easily installed or relocated/removed. These guys can be connect with both existing drip irrigation and flood irrigation, making them easy for almost any farm to utilize. The ABS plastic making up the body and tip of the stake is durable, made to last 15 years or more.

It’s pretty easy to say: if you are a farmer or know a farmer who could use a smaller water bill and better produce, introduce them to our Agriculture Pricing Program. It’s the best way to celebrate National Farmer Day. 

Apply for farmer/agricultural pricing here.


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