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Happy mother's day - Deep Drip Watering Stakes

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

With Mother’s Day just around the corner we hope you’ve set aside the time to prepare the perfect gift. But, gifts can be tricky! If you are struggling to find the perfect gift or running low on time, we’re here to help! Here are some gift ideas to help turn any Mother’s Day from a lackluster event into a block-buster celebration.

Gifts from the Heart/Hands

Our first gift idea brings back an all too familiar concept for Mother’s Day, but still one that moms of all ages will appreciate. That’s right, our first recommendation is to make a Mother’s Day gift from scratch. Nothing says you care about someone more than a hand-crafted, bespoke gift, made from the heart.

To make something special, try to start with a skill you have experience in (like drawing or cooking). If you aren’t an expert crafter or cook, try picking up a new skill. I recently picked up clay sculpting in order to make a gift for my mom, a skill I had never tried before. I was able to teach myself using videos online and after a few days of trying I had made several special gifts for my mom. Even if they aren’t the best quality, the meaning behind the sculptures and the work that went into learning the skill and creating with it will say you care louder than anything. And even if it turns out terrible, she’ll still pretend to love it all the same, just like all the macaroni art once upon the fridge. If you are still looking for a gift for your dear mom this Mother’s Day, try making her one, and see how she likes something from your imagination and heart. 

The Gift of Gardening with Mom

Of course, we needed to mention gardening, it is after all our favorite activity. Consider creating a starter garden kit for your Mother’s Day gift. Especially since Mother’s Day falls in the middle of Spring, gardening is a great activity to focus on. Think of what her outdoor space can handle, is it an update to her veggie garden, a new citrus tree, or maybe a grape vine? Look into the best nurseries in your area for any starter plants. Be sure to get their advice on the best way to get growing (soil, sunlight level, etc.).

Finally, if you’re considering creating that gardening kit, we have a perfect addition. Try getting her any of our DEEP DRIP® Watering Stakes. They make amazing gifts as they are very versatile and guaranteed to help any plant. The multiple sizes they are available in make for a great gift giving opportunity. Get her the stake size what works best with your kit. If she likes to garden, give her our 8” stake or try any of our 8” multi packs! If she loves her palm trees, or other large established trees, get our 36” stakes and guarantee deep seated roots on your trees. Check out our product size details here to pick out the perfect stake!

These are some ideas on how to know what to get your mom for Mother’s Day. We hope this helps to celebrate right and celebrate big for the best lady there is. Happy Mother’s Day!


3 Responses

  1. Hello
    There are few size in inch 14 24 36 So how to select the right size for tree ??
    Duy Kyng

    1. Hello!

      Our 8 in. DEEP DRIP® Watering Stake is great for flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other small garden plants. The 14 in. DEEP DRIP® Watering Stake is designed for shallow root plants like shrubs, vines, potted plants, & small/ornamental trees. Our 24 in. DEEP DRIP® Watering Stake is meant for medium trees including existing or newly planted trees, fruit trees, and saplings. The 24 in. stake is also perfect for citrus trees. Lastly, our 36 in. DEEP DRIP® Watering Stake is great for large, established trees and palms.

      We also recommend checking out our stake wetting patterns to get a better idea of how far our stakes actually deliver water.

      Happy Planting!

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