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Change the Way You Deal With Monsoon Season Forever

Change the Way You Deal With Monsoon Season Forever

If you’re anything like us, you’re breathing a deep sigh of relief as September 30th encroaches, marking the official end of the monsoon season here in Arizona. But it’s not time quite yet to whip out your best patio furniture and enjoy your backyard. Strong monsoons and rainstorms are still to come and your trees and shrubs are their favorite targets.

Green King’s patented Deep Drip Watering Stakes are the solution to the aggressive uprooting that occurs during this harsh weather.  Their advanced watering techniques delivers nutrients right to the roots, something you may not think your plants need in this time of abundant water. Since the downpour in our southwestern storms comes so quickly, your plants most likely will not be able to get the most out of the soakage. Oftentimes this fast water run off encourages shallow roots, making your garden more vulnerable to the next storm.

Instead of allowing your trees and shrubs to create weak roots, use Deep Drip Watering Stakes to promote a healthy root zone much deeper than they could have achieved alone. Stronger roots means longer lasting plants and a much more stable landscaping budget! If you really want to strengthen your plants’ roots, use Deep Drip Watering Stakes all year long, that way when the next monsoon season rolls around, your backyard will stay put!


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