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Keeping Your Christmas Spirit/Tree Alive

Picture it, a beautiful and lush live tree in the middle of your family’s living room. The smell of pine needles and winter-time joy permeating through your home. Hanging beautiful ornaments on a tree that is truly in keeping with the tradition of the holiday spirit.






Now picture this harsh reality, pine needle everywhere. The smell of a rotting plant. Ornaments falling and breaking from the dying tree’s drooping branches. Children Crying. Dogs barking. The end of the holidays as we know it. Fire.

Ok maybe it wouldn’t get that bad and I get sucked into hyperbole more often than I should. But, that doesn’t change the fact that families all over the world will be attempting to bring this yuletide tradition into their homes, only to become severely disappointed in their end results.

Maybe you’ve thought ahead, bought some miracle grow, picked out the perfect stand, and gotten ready to sweep some needles. These are the least things you should be prepared to do for your in-home living tree. If you choose to keep the stump in dirt, make sure to also keep a Deep Drip watering stake in there too. But more likely you’ll achieve more success with a stand, and less dirt. You can hide some of Green King’s own Deep Drip watering stakes under the angel or star (or whatever, we don’t discriminate against tree toppers) at the top of your tree, letting water periodically drip down dry branches. Even use them as watering-ornaments! Paint a couple 8 inch stakes with your kids, connect to water, and watch as your tree doesn’t catch on fire or lose its lush green look.

From all of us here at Green King…

Happy Holidays!

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