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Thinking about giving the special Mommy in your life a Rose Bouquet? Why not pick the roses form your own rose bush? Roses are beautiful flowers used to express Love, and you would not believe how simple it is to grow them yourself! I was lucky enough to find an article in the Better Homes and Gardens Website, which shows you the simple steps you need to take in order to grow a rose bush. I have summarized the article below, just follow the steps and make next year’s Mother’s day gift extra special! Step 1: Before planting the rose roots into the ground, refresh them by placing them in a pail full of water for about an hour. Meanwhile, designate a spot and dig the hole where you will be planting them. Step 2: Prepare for the planting, make sure you clip off the damaged roots and shorten the roots that are too long to fit in the planting hole without bending. Step 3: Remove all the broken or diseased ends of the rose stems. Leave 3-5 sturdy stems and place them in the hole in the center of the arrangement. Fill in your hole with dirt in order to keep the stems in place, and water them regularly. Step 4: The time in which the planting takes place is crucial. Usually bare-root roses are planted in early spring but there are areas in the country where winter planting is best. If you cannot plant a bare-root rose right away, make sure you keep the roots moist and cool so that they remain as fresh as possible. An alternative to bare-root roses are potted roses which can be planted any time of year. *Make sure your Roses grow beautiful and healthy by using Deep Drip Watering Stakes. Our stakes will allow both water and fertilizer to go directly to the roots, while conserving up to 50% of your water use. You can use Deep Drip with both bare-root roses, and potted roses. Make your planting a success with Deep Drip Watering Stakes!   For more information and helpful images refer to: For more information about Deep Drip Watering Stakes visit our website at:  


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