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GreenKing’s Got a Case of Puppy Love

When you’re sprucing up your garden and yard this spring, will you be thinking of your furry friends? When improving your yard you may put them at risk. For instance, fertilizer ingestion is one of the top reason for calls to the Pet Poison Helpline each year. When spring time comes around, many pet owners turn their attention to maintaining the yard their furry friends may prance around. While keeping our yards/gardens healthy and beautiful is certainly important, we need to beware of the hazards in them that can threaten the lives of our beloved pets.

This is where our Deep Drip Watering Stakes come in handy! You can significantly decrease the risk to your pets by concentrating water-soluble fertilizer or nutrients, and delivering them directly to the roots of your trees/plants using Deep Drip Watering Stakes. By concentrating fertilizer and plant nutrients within the stake rather than throughout the yard, risks to your pets are significantly decreased. Further, the faster you can get your fertilizer out of the bag and into the yard, the better! When pets, especially dogs ingest these substances in large amounts they risk serious side effects such as seizures, collapse, abnormal heart rates, vomiting, tremors, and even death.

A female rottweiler strikes a pose in the sun next to a garden growing in raised beds.

Fertilizer containing bone meal is especially dangerous for animals to ingest. It is made up of defatted, dried, and flash-frozen animal bones that are ground to a powder. This “bone” is also what makes the fertilizer so palatable to your dog, so make sure to keep your pet from digging in it and ingesting the soil. While this also makes a great organic fertilizer, it can become a problem when consumed as the bone meal forms a large cement-like bone ball in the stomach – which can cause an obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract – resulting in possible surgery to remove it! Therefore, make sure to keep your pet from digging and ingesting fertilized soil. When purchasing fertilizer, it is important to check the ingredient content.Surprisingly, some of the more dangerous types of fertilizers are organic fertilizers, which is ironic because they are what most pet owners reach for when they want to use “safer” products around their pets.
If you love your pet, which we know you do, make sure to order Deep Drip Watering Stakes alongside your fertilizer this spring!

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