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Can I use a garden hose with my Deep Drip® stakes?

Yes, to use a hose with the DEEP DRIP® stakes, create a flood irrigation system with a small well around your plant, rather than directly putting the hose into the stake. Directly inserting a hose into the stake will force water to enter too quickly; flooding the root zone and possibly damaging your plant. 

To get started; dig a well around your plant. Larger plants will need a larger well and more stakes. Bury 2-3 stakes evenly around the base of the plant, leaving the stake’s cap on and top hole just above ground. As the well fills, water will flow into the top hole of your stakes deep watering your plant’s roots. The harder the ground; the longer & slower you may need to soak your well

How many stakes do I need?

The number of stakes needed will depend on the plant and situation you are using them for. Small garden plants will need 2 of our 8″ stakes on opposite sides of each plant. Shallow root plants require 2-3 of our 14” stakes in a triangle around the plant or one stake on either side of each plant. For medium or new trees including fruit trees and saplings,  install 2-3 of our 24″ stakes in a triangle within the tree canopy or for new trees, on either side of the root ball. For large established trees or palms, install 36″ stakes 4-5 ft. apart within the tree’s canopy, avoiding the root system. The larger the tree, the more stakes you will need.

How do I use these stakes to fertilize?

After installing your stake, remove the top cap, and pour liquid or water soluble fertilizer/nutrients directly into the stake. Water will pass through and slowly dissolve nutrients, feeding your plants at the root. Evenly disperse your chosen fertilizer among all of the plant’s installed stakes. Read the package instructions carefully and remember not to over-fertilize or burn your plants’ roots!

I have very hard soil, made mostly of clay or rock, can a DEEP DRIP® stake really go into my soil?

Tough surfaces may make you feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, but that’s exactly why you need DEEP DRIP® Watering Stakes. Our stakes are perfect for tough soil. Compacted soil only allows for water to reach 3-4” into the ground, even after surface watering for hours. Using DEEP DRIP® stakes allows you to water from 20-50” (depending on stake size) into compacted soil and guarantees deep root growth in even the toughest of places. 

As for installation, pre-saturating the soil and/or using a soil softener around the area is recommended. You may also find it helpful to use a 1.25” auger bit to pre-drill a hole where you wish to place the stake. If you hit a rock or a boulder when hammering your stake in, it will need to be moved.

Will the cap crack or break if I hit it with a sledge hammer?

No, the cap for the 14”, 24”, and 36” stakes were specifically engineered to withstand the force of repeated hits by a 3-5 lb. sledgehammer. We’ve put this cap through serious R&D tests including driving a car over a cap numerous times, and hitting a cap over 1,000 times with a 5 lb. sledgehammer while installing.

The 8” cap does not need to be installed with a sledgehammer since it does not go as far into the ground. It is meant to be used with a rubber mallet and not a sledgehammer.

Will my DEEP DRIP® Watering Stakes hold up under extreme temperatures?

Yes, DEEP DRIP® Watering Stakes are built of ABS plastic, designed to hold up under both extreme high and low temperatures, from 0°F to 180°F.

We recommend installing your stakes before temperatures reach below 0°F. It is best to winterize your irrigation system with DEEP DRIP® Watering Stakes before winter temperatures set in.

I live in a rainy area with plenty of water for my plants, do I still need DEEP DRIP® Watering Stakes?

 Yes, rain is a form of surface watering which is not as effective as deep root watering. Rain is also not a reliable, constant source of water compared to an automatic drip system or tree/plant well. DEEP DRIP® Watering Stakes direct plant roots to grow deep into the soil, instead of coming up to the surface looking for a surface/shallow water source like rainwater. Our stakes will guarantee that water will reach deep into your plants’ roots consistently and effectively. Our stakes don’t just water your plants, they also deliver fertilizer and aerate roots, which rain cannot do.

What’s the best way to water soil with a high saline content?

In areas with a higher saline content using both an emitter head at the surface in combination with DEEP DRIP® will help leach the salt out of the soil.