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Easter Spring Tulips Frame on an old Rustic Wood Background

Eco-friendly Easter Ideas

Are you looking for Easter Ideas that won’t harm the environment and won’t break the bank? Well you have come to the right place! No more using plastic eggs, that are toxic made at the expense of our environment. I have put together the easiest and most creative GREEN ideas I could find so that you can reference them when putting your Easter baskets together! So take a second to look them over and share them with your friends and family as you please!

1. Egg Carton Eggs

– Recycle your empty egg cartons by making them into your Easter eggs! They are hollow inside so they are easy to fill with confetti or goodies. You can decorate them with tissue paper or variety of things.

For instructions on how to make them, follow the link:

2. Vegetable dyed Easter Eggs

– One creative way and eco-friendly way to paint your Easter eggs is by using vegetables. That is right, the veggies that produce the strongest colors include: beets, cranberries, blueberries and onions. Remember, if you are growing your own garden, make sure to use Deep Drip Watering Stakes to ensure your veggies grow healthy while conserving up to 50% of your water use.

For instructions on painting your eggs with veggies follow the link:

3. Plant Silhouette

– If you have used your Deep Drip Watering stakes to grow plants in your yard you can use their beautiful leaves to decorate your Easter Eggs. The result is a natural looking egg that you can use as a subtle Easter decoration for your home or in beautiful adult Easter baskets.

For Instructions on how to paint your Easter Eggs with leaves follow the link:



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