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Drought in California – Do your Part!

Many of us have heard that the State of California is officially under the state of drought. Governor Jerry Brown declared this as an emergency on January 17th, 2014. 62% of the state of California is considered to be in extreme drought according the US Drought Monitor. The Governor is asking all California residents to cut back their water use by 20%, but do you know what you can do help?

According to experts, this might be the worst drought California has seen since they began keeping record about 100 years ago. It is especially surprising because January and February are usually the months with the most water. Because of this, Marin County had to pump 65 million gallons of water from two backup reservoirs to supply to people until the next major rainfall. This is beginning to bring awareness for the hot summer months to come.

The drought is especially concerning when it comes to growing. The California Agriculture Business is worth over 45 million dollars and it is currently being threatened by the drought. Because Deep Drip knows that a large percentage of our Country’s water sources are used towards agriculture, we have developed our new Deep Drip Agriculture Stake. This stake was created with farmers in mind, and is meant to save farmers up to 50% of their water use, and still ensure their crops are receiving the necessary amount of water. The AG Stake is sold in boxes of 100 and it was designed to be affordable for farmers.

Even if you are not a California resident, the drought issue affects us all, because of the fact that so many of our commodities are grown there, and the drought will impact the entire US economy. Also, California is not the only state facing the drought, Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah are currently at risk.

America has to come together in order to support California in this fight against the drought. Like our Deep Drip slogan “When every drop counts,” you can do something to help too! Install our Deep Drip Watering Stakes into your new and existing trees, shrubs and plants at home. They will help you conserve 20-50% of your water use, save you money on your water bill, and ensure your trees, shrubs and plants grow beautiful and healthy! Do your part, invest in Deep Drip Watering Stakes today!


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