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Perennial Painted Daisies – Bring Color to your Garden

Make this spring all about adding color to your garden! An easy way to do this is with flowers. Planting blooms in many shades and variation, will be sure to make your garden POP! And what better flowers to grow in your breathtaking garden than Painted Daisies?  Painted Daisies are perennials, which means they live more than two years. They also last for a fairly long season, meaning you can enjoy them for a majority of your summer. Summer is also the perfect time of year for these blooms since they thrive in full sunshine. According to Gardenia, their blooms can grow up to 3 inches wide and the plants themselves can grow from 18-30 in tall and 18-24 in wide.  There’s a reason Painted Daisies are so popular in

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