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Best Mimosa Recipes: Citrus Week 2021

Best Mimosa Recipes: Citrus Week 2021
Celebrate our first ever DEEP DRIP® Citrus Week with some of the best mimosa recipes around! We want to celebrate citrus fruits; like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits and all their wonderful uses in our first ever “Citrus Week”! We have been and will be continuing to post on our facebook and instagram all this week. Be sure to check out the different uses and applications of these popular fruits by following us!


Citrus is important because it carries such a distinctive taste that has many useful applications from cooking to drink garnish. Today we want to focus on our favorite citrus based treat you can make anytime, anywhere; Mimosas! Mimosas are a timeless classic that will let you enjoy your orange juice with a little more buzz. Celebrate our DEEP DRIP® Citrus Week with a list of tasty-looking mimosas! We can’t think of a better way to use oranges, especially with summer just around the corner. Let us know in the comments how you like to party with your citrus harvest! Below is a list of recipes sure to make some delectable Mimosa drink’s to get you your citrus fix for the day, as well as provide a excuse to down a whole bottle of champagne.


Citrus is important to us, which is why we feel the need for a whole week of celebration, dedicated to citrus. Stay tuned to find more about its uses and benefits and for the rest of the activities and fun posts to come from Citrus Week. Happy Citrus Week!


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