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DEEP DRIP® Watering Stake Benefits

  • Deep Watering Promotes Healthier Roots, Plants, and Harvests
  • Conserves Up to 50% of Outdoor Water Use by Cutting Down On Watering Time
  • Delivers Water, Oxygen, and Fertilizer Directly to Roots
  • Reduces Weeds and Pests
  • Encourages Deep Seated Roots to Prevent Hillside Erosion and Tree Uprooting
  • Patented Design Filters out Debris and Locks Drip Line in Place
  • Stake is UV Protected to Prevent Weathering and Unsightly Cracking
  • Helps Prevent Wasteful Runoff and Evaporation
  • Useful in Drought and Extreme Temperatures
  • Good for New, Established, and Struggling Plants
  • Constructed of Recyclable ABS Plastic, Built to Last 15+ Years
  • Stake can be Simply Removed or Repositioned
  • Easy to Use with any Automatic Drip or Flood Irrigation System

DEEP DRIP®: Start, Save & Sustain

These stakes water at your plants’ roots for a lush landscape, healthy plants, and fruitful harvests. DEEP DRIP® Stakes were designed to help you maintain healthy, beautiful trees and plants by watering them directly at the roots. Direct, deep root watering cuts down on watering time and prevents runoff, conserving up to 50% of outdoor water use. By keeping your water directed to your plants’ roots where it belongs; no water is wasted.

  • The patented DEEP DRIP® Stakes’ perforated shaft is equipped with multiple holes for optimal aeration and deep-root watering. Our stake’s shaft is lined with our innovative honeycomb grated holes to keep out obstructions like dirt and debris.  
  • Constructed of sturdy, recyclable, and eco-friendly ABS plastic, DEEP DRIP® Stakes were made to last 15+ years. The stakes are also UV Protected to protect against unsightly cracking or other signs of weathering.  
  • DEEP DRIP® Stakes’ caps are constructed to withstand the force of a 3-5 lb. sledgehammer with their unique ribbed construction. In fact, we’ve put this cap through serious R&D tests including driving a car over a cap numerous times, and hitting a cap over 1,000 times with a 3-5 lb. sledgehammer while installing. The 8” stake’s cap is built to withstand the force of a standard rubber mallet, making installation even easier.
  • Our slotted cap is designed to hold a ¼” drip line in place, making integration with drip irrigation systems a breeze.

Grow with DEEP DRIP® 

  • Our patented DEEP DRIP® Watering Stakes are the only devices that can deliver water, oxygen, and fertilizer directly to plant roots quickly and effectively; encouraging deeper and healthier root systems. By driving water deep into the ground, hydration stays at your plants’ roots, not at the surface where water is often lost to evaporation or run-off. 
  • DEEP DRIP® Watering Stakes encourage plant roots to grow farther into the soil by releasing water deep into the ground. Since roots reach and grow towards the nearest water source, deeper watering leads to deeper roots, rather than the shallow roots that surface or shallow watering (like sprinklers) often results in. 
  • By using deep-root watering, you can expect healthier, stronger, and of course, deeper roots. Having deep seated roots won’t just ensure the health of your plant, they also help prevent tree uprooting during strong winds, hill erosion, and damage to structures, foundations, and sidewalks that could otherwise be caused by uprooting.
  • Water-soluble fertilizer can be inserted directly into the stake. Water passes through the fertilizer and carries the nutrients into the soil then directly to the roots for faster, more effective absorption. 
  • DEEP DRIP® Watering Stakes are a smart and green investment.  Not only do they help you maintain and improve healthy trees and plants by providing nutrients to sick and dying plants, they also minimize the cost of replacing dead plants. With our stakes, plants of all varieties have a better chance of surviving and stay healthier through their lifespan. DEEP DRIP® Stakes can also cut outdoor water use up to 50%, saving you money and conserving water.
  • The DEEP DRIP®  stakes are simple to use and once installed, can be virtually maintenance free. DEEP DRIP® Stakes work with automatic drip irrigation systems, eliminating the need to manually water. DEEP DRIP also works with almost any flood irrigation system.