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Deep Drip® Benefits


 Grow with Deep Drip®

Deep Drip is the only device today that can get water, oxygen and fertilizer to your tree and plant roots quickly and effectively. Deep Drip conserves water because 100% of the water that is directed to your tree, shrub or plant, is going deep into the ground rather than being lost to evaporation or run-off.

Roots are known to follow their water source. Deep Drip stakes promote deeper roots because the roots follow the water that it released deep into the ground. This helps prevent uprooted trees in strong winds. It also keeps your tree roots from coming up and damaging
structures/foundations and sidewalks.

You can insert water-soluble fertilizer directly into the stake. Water passes through the fertilizer and carries the nutrients into the soil and directly to the roots for faster absorption. Just make sure you distribute the suggested fertilizer amount between the number of installed stakes.

Deep Drip stakes give you a great return on your investment. They help you maintain healthy trees and plants, and the cost of replacing dead plants is minimized. Installing two or three stakes per tree, or one for smaller plants, is a smart investment. Trees have a better chance of surviving after being planted and stay healthier through their lifespan. The water you conserve also helps you save money. You can cut you outdoor water use up to 50% with Deep Drip.

The Deep Drip tree watering stakes are easy to use and virtually maintenance free. Place it into the ground and you are done. Deep Drip works with automatic drip systems, eliminating the need to remember to turn on and off your hose.

If you want your plants, shrubs and trees to thrive, while conserving water and promoting healthy root systems, purchase your Deep Drip watering stakes today and “Make Every Drop Count!”