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Agriculture & Commercial



 Introducing our Agriculture Stakes Especially Designed for the Agriculture Market! For pricing and other information please feel free to contact us.


8″ – For shallow root plants including: flowers, fruits, vegetables, hydroponics, and other crops.




19″- For shrubs, vines, hops, and all tree varieties including fruit trees and nut trees.

AG Stake horizontal



Agriculture is the largest consumer of our water globally, the agricultural community consumes up to 70% of the available freshwater. Watering trees and plants inevitably wastes about 1,500 trillion liters of the 2,500 liters used each year. The main reason for this is leaky irrigation systems to wasteful field applications (WWF). It is time to start conserving our water! Deep Drip Agricultural Stakes we can help save up to 50% of your outdoor/irrigation water use. The AG stake was created with farmers in mind. It is affordable and can easily be installed. It can be used with both drip irrigation and flood irrigation. The ABS plastic is durable, made to last 15 years or more and the reinforced tip and cap keeps it from cracking or splintering when pounding it into the ground with a sledge hammer. Start Growing healthier, luscious and juicy crops today with the help of The Deep Drip Watering Stakes.

doublesidedtree-illo2Not only does Deep Drip help your tree get the water it needs while conserving water, but it also helps establish deeper roots. Some customers have even experienced more fruit yield, and larger juicier fruit when using Deep Drip with their fruit trees.

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Contact us to learn more about our Commercial/Contractor Pricing and how you can use Deep Drip in your next project!




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