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Growing Roses

Thinking about giving the special Mommy in your life a Rose Bouquet? Why not pick the roses form your own rose bush? Roses are beautiful flowers used to express Love, and you would not believe how simple it is to grow them yourself! I was lucky enough to find an article in the Better Homes and Gardens Website, which shows you the simple steps you need to take in order to grow a rose bush. I have summarized the article below, just follow the steps and make next year’s Mother’s day gift extra special! Step 1: Before planting the rose roots into the ground, refresh them by placing them in a pail full of water for about an hour. Meanwhile, designate a spot and dig the hole where you will

Eco-friendly Easter Ideas

Eco-friendly Easter Ideas Are you looking for Easter Ideas that won’t harm the environment and won’t break the bank? Well you have come to the right place! No more using plastic eggs, that are toxic made at the expense of our environment. I have put together the easiest and most creative GREEN ideas I could find so that you can reference them when putting your Easter baskets together! So take a second to look them over and share them with your friends and family as you please! 1. Egg Carton Eggs – Recycle your empty egg cartons by making them into your Easter eggs! They are hollow inside so they are easy to fill with confetti or goodies. You can decorate them with tissue paper or variety of things. For

Spring Planting Tips

March is the beginning of spring, and with spring comes planting time! I have put together a list of the most common things to plant this month, and some tips to help with your planting. For those of you who would like to plant your vegetable garden, and enjoy organic veggies you grew on your own, refer to the list below: Veggies to Plant in March: Beets Broccoli Cabbage Carrots Corn Cucumbers Herbs Lettuce Melons Onions Peas Peppers Spinach Summer Squash Tomatoes *Deep Drip Watering Stakes can help you grow a healthy vegetable garden. Some of our customers have seen great results when using our 14” Stakes in their vegetable gardens. Remember Deep Drip Stakes not only help you conserve on your water use, but they also help ensure your

History of Beer

In Spirit of St. Patrick’s day, I thought it would be a great idea to research about the History of Beer, learn about the process of making it, when and where it was invented and of course how it relates to the Irish Holiday! To my surprise, there appears to be no trace back of where beer came from, but most experts believe it was invented in the Middle East. The first hard evidence about beer production dates back 5,000 years to the Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Archeologists have discovered ceramic vessels from 3400 B.C. still sticky with beer residue, and 1800 B.C.’s the “Hymn to Ninkasi”, which is an ode to the Sumerian Goddess of Beer, and it describes a recipe for a beloved ancient brew made by female priestesses.

Drought in California – Do your Part!

Many of us have heard that the State of California is officially under the state of drought. Governor Jerry Brown declared this as an emergency on January 17th, 2014. 62% of the state of California is considered to be in extreme drought according the US Drought Monitor. The Governor is asking all California residents to cut back their water use by 20%, but do you know what you can do help? According to experts, this might be the worst drought California has seen since they began keeping record about 100 years ago. It is especially surprising because January and February are usually the months with the most water. Because of this, Marin County had to pump 65 million gallons of water from two backup reservoirs to supply to people until

Grow your own Mistletoe

Mistletoe is an old Holiday tradition followed by millions of people around the world. Sure, we all know that couples are supposed to kiss when standing under it, then pluck a berry from it, and of course, when the berries are all gone, the kissing stops, but why is that we do this? How did this tradition come about? On this blog, I will tell you how the mistletoe tradition began, and most importantly how you can grow your own Mistletoe! The Mistletoe tradition began in the 18th Century. Since then, people from all over the world have used the Mistletoe as a tradition and decoration for their homes during the Holiday Season, but there are many theories as to how and why this tradition began. The most popular theory

Plantable Wrapping Paper

Did you know that the Holiday Season is the time in which we waste the most paper? It’s true, and the reason for this is all of the wrapping paper we use and then throw away after opening up our Christmas gifts. In fact, enough paper was wasted in the UK last Holiday Season, to wrap around our world 9 times! It is a shame that the surprises we wrap up with so much joy, are conceived at the expense of the environment. For this reason, Eden’s Paper has come up with a revolutionary idea to produce plantable present paper. This paper was created in order to reduce waste on Christmas, and help conserve the environment. The way Eden’s Paper came about, was by experimenting with seed paper and wrapping

The Perfect Gift Basket for Mom

Last month during an Earth Day event we raffled out a planting kit gift basket. We had the basket on display at our Deep Drip booth and there were so many people that loved it! I thought this would make a perfect Mother’s day gift for my Mother, who enjoys gardening, and I wanted to share the idea with you guys too! Give your Mom the gift of growing with a custom gardening starter kit! In this blog I am going to share items similar to the ones I chose for my Mom’s gift basket, so that you can create a gift basket of your own! I was able to find all of these items on the Lowe’s Website, therefore you know you can find all the items you need

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