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Deep Drip® Watering Stakes

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Don’t wait until it is too late. Deep Drip takes over when Mother Nature can’t. Deep Drip Watering Stakes help you water and fertilize your trees, shrubs and plants at the root. The Deep Drip tree and plant watering system saturates the ground allowing the roots to grow deep and strong. We love Mother Nature. And we have done what she does, but just better. Water goes where it is needed at the root. The soil is better aerated with oxygen and your trees will avoid horizontal growth of their roots resulting in exposed roots. Your plants and shrubs begin to thrive.

Our Deep Drip Watering Stakes help you practice sensible water conservation, especially in times of drought. Think of us like a doctor’s syringe. We deliver water and fertilizer exactly where it needs to go for the benefit of your trees, shrubs and plants. Tree watering bags only water at the surface often not getting the water very deep. Our Watering Stakes water immediately underground resulting in shorter watering periods.

We believe in waste not, want not. With serious water shortages and drought conditions this is even more important than ever. Deep Drip delivers the water where it is needed, rather than on the surface where it is wasted. That means that the watering you do is both responsible and effective.

We make it easy. The Deep Drip System is designed to work with a garden hose, bubbler, flood irrigation, or in conjunction with your automatic watering system. A standard ¼-inch drip line connects through the cap of the Deep Drip spike. Fertilizer can be added into the shaft of the stake to continually direct nutrients to the root zone.

If you are all about trees, no matter what kind, start irrigating deeper with our Deep Drip Watering Stakes. Here is how we help Mother Nature. Roots follow the water source. Irrigating with Deep Drip shows the roots the path to grow deeper into your garden or lawn. That makes for a stronger, healthier tree.

We are all about convenience, so our Patent Pending Deep Drip tree, shrub and plant watering devices come in three sizes: 14, 24 and 36 inches.

They’re really strong to withstand the hammering we had to do to get them into our adobe clay soil. They really help to get water to the roots, whereas with a sprinkler, the water just doesn’t get down into the…

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